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Become a friend

Please help us by becoming a Friend of the Suffolk Punch Trust. The cost of maintaining the Colony Stud and related educational work is high and is not covered by visitor income in the present economic climate. With a minimum annual donation of only £25.00 your contribution will support stud operations and help us to save this critically endangered breed. If you are a UK income tax payer, your donation can be gift-aided; increasing the impact your donation will have.

You will receive a regular Newsletter to keep you abreast of the birth of new foals and other developments at the Stud as well as invitations to exclusive Friends' Events. Newsletters will be sent by email (reducing costs and our carbon footprint) but if you would like to receive a hard copy please let us know.

We also greatly appreciate larger donations which enable us to expand activities, improve buildings, fencing and other amenities and we are happy to discuss specific proposals.

Please download and complete our Become a Friend Application.

We look forward to meeting you at The Hollesley Bay Colony Stud.

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