Pigs in muck
Pig in muck
Shetland Pony
Suffolk Sheep
Red Poll Cattle

Along with the horses, we also work to protect other endangered breeds of native farm animals by looking after them and raising awareness to aid their survival. Here's a little more about each of the farm animals we have on site.

  • Red Poll Cattle - Red in colour and hornless, the Red Poll is native to East Anglia. Its numbers declined when Friesian cattle became popular, so now needs protecting.  Unfortunately we do not have the Red Poll on site at the present time.

  • Suffolk Sheep - We have the oldest registered flock of Suffolk sheep in the world. This black faced sheep was first bred in Suffolk in the late 1700s and is now a flagship British breed.

  • Ixworth chickens - This all white chicken was first bred in 1939 in the Suffolk village of Ixworth. It almost died out between 1950-1970 and is still rare today.

  • Chequer Bantams - Developed by Trevor Martin in the 1990s. Bred from a Barred Rock bantam cock and a small hen of unknown parentage.

  • Silver Appleyard Ducks - This dual-purpose breed was also created by Reginald Appleyard. The line on display at the Trust are the bantam version, but are otherwise exactly the same as their larger counterpart.

Heartbeat Horses

We are caring for a few horses from Heartbeat, a home of rest for horses who needed to create some space at their own premises.


Come and meet our resident rabbits and guinea pigs. A popular destination for families, the pets paddock is where you can find out how to care for the pets plus get the chance to help to feed them.

We usually have pets' feeding time here mid-afternoon - at 3:15pm.