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Suffolk Heritage Garden 

The garden, designed to reflect the period between the two wars when horses were still working the land, is stocked with a beautiful array of golden plants that have been bred by Suffolk people or are in some way associated with the county. In 2016 it became the first garden to be awarded 'County Collection' status by Plant Heritage. Many of the plants will be on sale during the summer.

We have been developing our Heritage Garden for the last 8 years. Time has been spent researching and looking for garden plants which come under our definition of a 'Suffolk Garden Plant'

  • Plant bred in Suffolk by a Suffolk company or person living in Suffolk.

  • Cultivated plants which occurred in Suffolk (open pollinated rather than bred)

  • Plant named for a Suffolk place or object

  • Plant named for a Suffolk Person (Benjamin Britten)

  • Plant with direct link to a Suffolk Person

We now have a wonderful range of trees, shrubs, ​climbers and herbaceous plants, all 'born and bred' in Suffolk

Our garden celebrates many Suffolk gardeners, plant breeders and celebrities

  • Sir Cedric Morris

  • Joan Schofield



The National conservation charity Plant Heritage has awarded National Collection status to The Suffolk Punch Trust. It is a National Collection of 20th Century Hardy Plants



All the work from research to double digging, weeding and mowing is done by volunteers. If you have time to help please contact:

There are many rare Suffolk garden plants we are still looking for, such as Iris 'Golden Hind', bred by George Haworthe Chadburn, an Iris breeder in the 1920s from Middleton, Suffolk, or Hemerocallis (Day Lily) 'Orford'. We would also like information about and pictures of some of the people celebrated in our garden, for example Marjorie Free and Gladys Picard.


If you have any information which you think we should know, or for a full list of plants we are still looking for please contact:

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