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Implement Barn - part of our guided tour


This building contains the larger items - 60+ horse-drawn vehicles (both rural and urban) and implements all in working condition and still used.


  • A pantechnicon (furniture removal van) lent to us by London firm, Bishops.

  • A bottle dray lent by McMullen's Brewery of Hertford (regularly taken to events).

  • A miller's wagon from Messrs. Pauls' - the finest example in existence.

  • A restored dray from Paul Rackham.

  • The 3 staple vehicles of any Suffolk farm - the road wagon, harvest wagon and tumbrel.

  • A unique parade wagon belonging to Worshipful Company of Farriers and used for the Lord Mayor's Show in London.

Cultivating implements

  • Sugar beet and potato lifters.

  • Two Essex wooden beamed ploughs used to work heavy clay soil.

  • A soil reaper (the first mechanical harvesting machine) in perfect condition.

  • Hay making implements.

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