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Four little Piggies

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

30 June 2018 Four little Piggies

Four new little black piggies

We have four bouncing baby Large Black Pigs.

​Well these little mischief makers are not exactly large yet, but very active and already trying to find adventures on the farm.

There are three little boys and one girl so in pig language we have three boars and one sow.

These are quite significant births as the Large black is an endangered breed

Why not come on down and watch the adventures of these four little piggies

Did You Know

That the Large Black Pigs are indigenous to Suffolk. They have lop ears that are well inclined over the face.

The Large Black Pig Breed Society was formed in 1899. They are good grazers and consumers of poor quality food.

Their constitution and colour enables them to survive well in both hot and cold climates. An average weight would be approx 90 kilos.

Their gestation period is almost exactly 115 days, often expressed as 3 months

3 weeks 3 days.

They are excellent mothers and often produce litters of 12 or more. Piglets always go to the same teat that is why the last one born, which is often small, rarely catches up as it gets the last teat, the one with the least milk.

New Arrivals

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