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Two New Arrivals

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

On February the 22nd and March the 19th we were blessed with Eli then Edith two healthy and handsome Suffolk Punch Foals.

​Allow us to introduce you to our first arrival for 2018, the very handsome Colony Eli. He was born Thursday 22nd February, both Eli and Vumba Deanne nine years old (mummy) are doing very well. Eli’s daddy is 8 year old Eyke Viscount.

Eli is a very bold and inquisitive foal and just needs to know about everything in his little world. Fortunately Mum is quite relaxed but keeps one eye on him to make sure he stays out of trouble.

Colony Eli - Born 22nd February 2018

He loves to interact with people and is often found with his head over the rails asking for a stroke. This particular behaviour made him especially curious when our second foal was born the delightfully beautiful Colony Edith who arrived on Monday 19th of March. She is a bit of a mummy’s girl which suits Colony Zinnia perfectly especially as this is her first foal.

At the moment little Edith spends most of her day frolicking, sleeping and nuzzling mum for an extra drink of milk. Colony Edith and Colony Eli are half brother and sister as Eyke Viscount is also Edith’s Daddy.

Maddie Masters a visitor to the Suffolk Punch Stud said “They are so incredibly adorable we will be coming back on Saturday to see them again, the children can’t stay away”

“The weather has been so wet and miserable for weeks but seeing these beautiful critically endangered foals has brightened my day no end,” said Kraig Donald a visitor from London.

Tracey Pettit Stud Manager at The Suffolk Punch Trust said the staff and volunteers are delighted with the birth of our two new foals as it is of such great significance due to the rarity of the breed. Also we have nine adorable lambs and some fluffy chicks.

Join us at the Suffolk Punch Trust for fun-filled Easter Holidays with great family activities around the farm!

Colony Edith - Born 19th March 2018

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