These majestic horses helped shape our rural landscape and was vital to Britain's social history. As the UK industrialised and its population grew, the Suffolk Punch pulled the plough, cut the corn and carried the wheat to the mill to feed the towns.

Strong, with a good temperament, a Suffolk Punch is a gentle giant, very good at working hard. They also look beautiful with their shining chesnut coat and solid stature. N.B - (Suffolk horse spelling of chestnut is without the 't')

Our horses in residence at the Colony Stud and are ready to greet you when you visit. Find more about each of them by viewing their profiles. Please click on our horses to find out more information.

Besthorpe Achilles - adopt me
D.O.B: 28 April 2005 Height:17.2hh Breed:Suffolk Punch Sex:Stallion Character:Our senior stallion and Sire (Dad) of many of our young horses, a true champion.
Colony Wren II - please adopt me
D.O.B: 24 May 2010 Height:16.2hh Breed:Suffolk Punch Sex:Gelding Character:
A real team player, he enjoys taking part in displays and is very friendly.
D.O.B: May 1996 Height:Very small Breed:Shetland Sex:Mare Character:Lovely little girl who has a big heart and personality to match!
Sandringham Sailor II - Adopt me
D.O.B:11 May 2007 Height:17hh Breed:Suffolk Punch Sex:Gelding Character:Majestic! Given to the stud by HM the Queen, he is a gentleman and hard worker.
Colony Aspall
D.O.B: 7th June 2014 Height:Still growing Breed:Suffolk Punch Sex:Colt Character:Aspall is very nosey and needs to be involved with everything.
Colony Boo
D.O.B: 4th April 2015 Height: Breed:Suffolk Punch Sex:Filly Character:Boo is a very bold and a friendly young lady, soon to be in work.
D.O.B:17 May 2016 Height:Growing Breed:Suffolk Punch Sex:Female Character:One cheeky little girl, we think she will prove to be quite a handful!
Colony Dorothy - please adopt me
D.O.B. 26 April 2017
Colony Edith - please adopt me
D.O.B:19 March 2018 Height:Growing Breed:Suffolk Punch Sex:Female
Colony Eli
D.O.B: 22 February 2018 Height:Growing Breed:Suffolk Punch Sex:Male
Born 3 May 2020
Sir Duston Montaro
D.O.B: 1 August 2013 Height:Still growing Breed:Traditional Gypsy Cob Sex:Gelding Character:Bumble (stable name)lives on the stud farm but he's owned by our Stud Manager, Tracey Pettitt. Bumble had a sorry start to his life and was found and rescued from the side of the road at only a few months old. Bumble needed emergency veterinary treatment to treat a large abscess on his hind leg. Now fully recovered he has the most outgoing character and loves nothing more than to have a game of football!
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Registered Address: The Suffolk Punch Trust, Sink Farm, St. David's Lane, Hollesley,

Suffolk IP12 3JR

For satnav use IP12 3LA

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D.O.B: May 1996 Height:Very small Breed:Shetland Sex:Mare Character:Lovely little girl who has a big heart and personality to match!